Foot Mobilisation Therapy

Foot Mobilisation Therapy, or FMT, is the manual movement of your feet and lower legs to assist with musculoskeletal conditions in that same area. It is a recognized therapeutic technique that alleviates stiffness in the joints and increases mobility by re-positioning joints within the foot. Through FMT, The Foot Practice podiatrists can help restore your feet to their ideal position, allowing the whole body to heal itself naturally.
foot mobilisation therapy

How Does Foot Mobilisation Therapy Work?

There are 26 bones and 33 joints in the human foot, making it a very complex network. Through a range of foot mobilisation techniques, our podiatrists work with you to ensure that the network is a seamless flow, by correcting the joints into their proper place.

Stiffness between joints will be released and muscle mobility enhanced. Our podiatrists will move your foot within a natural range of motion, as well as apply pressure to select parts of the foot to handle your specific injury.

What Are The Benefits Of Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

Immediate results include the alleviation of pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Additionally, your mobility will be boosted when restrictions in the tissue are released.

Foot mobilisation therapy is a long-term care solution, helping your foot correct itself naturally. Your foot accumulates the healing process of FMT through multiple sessions, exponentially quickening the healing process. FMT will also improve your posture, provide you with better balance, and make the muscles surrounding the joints stronger, preventing re-injury.

Why Should I Get Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

Foot mobilisation therapy is a natural, holistic, and non-invasive method for improving feet health. It is an extremely safe technique that only brings your feet within the natural range of motion. Your foot is not pushed beyond its limits nor placed in an unnatural position. FMT allows you to remain active immediately after, without the necessary downtime associated with more invasive procedures.

If you have had difficulty healing with other treatments, FMT may be a viable alternative or an effective addition to your existing treatment.

Foot mobilisation in podiatry is a great strategy to handle a range of different injuries including:

Foot mobilisation therapy does not end with the session. Based on your foot condition, exercises will be explained clearly so that you can continue the healing process at home. These foot mobilisation exercises will be catered to your specific condition and will aid in the repair process before you return for a follow-up session.

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