Whether your suffering from a foot injury or lower limb injury, skin and nail condition or are looking for orthotic devices to relieve your foot pain, our experienced podiatrists will work to recommend the best management plan to alleviate your condition. Our interventions for the management of your foot and lower limb condition include biomechanical 3D gait analysis, surgical nail interventions, nail fungal treatment, custom orthotic therapy, sports podiatry and injury rehabilitation, foot assessments for children and diabetic foot care.


Sports Injuries & Rehab

Our podiatry clinic specialises in both preventive treatment with the latest technological developments for musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunctions. Sports-related injuries require practical insights rooted in clinical evidence to help promote optimal rehabilitation and healing. 


Paediatric Podiatry

It’s important for your child to start seeing a podiatrist at a young age if you suspect any issues with walking. Prolonged imbalance in the feet can lead to lower limb misalignment, potentially creating pain or discomfort for your child as they grow older.

Skin & Nail Care

Are your nails thick, yellow or discolured? Do you have a growth at the bottom of your foot that’s not painful? Or do you have a fungal infection that may be an indication of athlete’s foot? Our podiatry practice offers treatments and solutions for a wide range of nail and skin disorders from nail fungus, calluses, bunions, plantar warts or diabetic ulcers.


Back & Lower Limb Injuries

Our podiatrists are well-trained in the biomechanics of the foot and ankle as well as the spine and lower limbs. We develop data driven treatments by getting to the root cause of your musculoskeletal pain by truly treating the body and not just the symptom.


Foot & Ankle Conditions

We specialise in the complete care of the foot and ankle conditions, including a multidisciplinary range of treatments for prevention and rehabilitation of post-acute injuries. We provide therapies for sports injuries for adults, children’s paediatric conditions and for people with diabetes.

Treatments & Services

At The Foot Practice, our revolutionary 3D Gait Analysis method breaks down biomechanical movements in detail to pinpoint, prevent and reduce injuries at the root cause and data-driven details to enhance sports performance.

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The Foot Practice partners with Footworks podiatric laboratory, the best custom orthotics manufacturer in Australian of high-quality custom orthotics, pre-cast orthotics and state-of-the-art cycling orthotics. We provide custom insoles for a wide range of conditions from sports to children, women and diabetic foot conditions.

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Foot Mobilisation Therapy is the manual manipulation of your feet and lower legs to assist with musculoskeletal conditions to alleviate stiffness in the joints and increases foot mobility. Foot mobilisation restore asymmetrical foot patterns to their ideal position to adjust the entire body naturally.

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Whether you’re looking for running shoe assessment or footwear advice for a foot problems, our podiatrist can evaluate your footwear for correct fit as well as function.

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Shockwave therapy for your foot is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment and will not require the same recovery time associated with surgery. Nor will the treatment put you out of commission.

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Foot Care for Seniors

Our musculoskeletal systems start to experience degradation, disorders and disabilities as we get older. Though this can limit the function of our feet, with the right elderly foot care for seniors, you can keep your feet healthy and prevent injuries as you age. Discover the importance of foot care for seniors.


Diabetic Foot Conditions

Getting the right diabetic foot care advice by a qualified specialist is integral not only for your foot health but also for the overall wellness for people living with diabetes. Without proper diabetic foot care guidelines, poor healing of foot injuries may become a reality leading to more complex issues.

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