Back and Lower Limbs

At The Foot Practice Podiatry Clinic in Singapore, our clients receive individualised care for a wide range of treatments back pain, leg pain, lower limb injuries and muscle dysfunctions. From injury prevention and intervention advice, our leading practitioners not only address your specific condition, but work towards alleviating future back and lower leg pain when recommending the right therapeutic approach.
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Back and Lower Leg Pain Injuries

Mobility intrinsically relies on our lower back, legs and feet all working together in balance. Lower leg injuries can range from a mild inconvenience to a severely debilitating condition if not treated properly and addressed early. At The Foot Practice, we provide tailored and specialised back and lower leg pain treatments for virtually every podiatric condition for adults, children and the elderly in Singapore.

We treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions and injuries of the body. Our leading podiatry clinic treats bone, joint, tendon and nerve conditions. These complications can range from simple musculoskeletal problems to more complex back and lower leg dysfunctions. We work in conjunction with other members of your healthcare team across many disciplines to provide insightful treatments for our patients’ conditions.

Our team is skilled in treating acute lower leg foot pain, chronic conditions, lower extremity rehabilitation, sports injuries and conditions that affect the foot or ankle. If you’re rehabilitating an injury, our innovative protocols combine orthotic therapy, 3D gait retraining, footwear advice and biomechanical assessments.

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Common Back & Lower Limb Conditions

The Foot Practice can assist you by providing strengthening exercises or treatment relevant to your specific injury. We can conduct a 3D Gait Analysis to aid with the rehabilitation and gait retraining. Orthotic insoles can be used to re-align your balance. These lower leg injury treatments can work in complement to ensure that the cause of your lower leg pain does not compound into another problem later in life.

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