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Sports podiatry at The Foot Practice is specifically concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of foot, ankle, and lower limb disorders across all levels of sports. Like a sports foot doctor, a podiatrist focuses on the importance of the lower limb function, including the feet and ankles to help athletes prevent injuries and address performance issues smarter.

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What Sports Podiatry Services Are Provided?

Treatment from our Singapore sports podiatry clinic can come in different forms, depending on whether you’re looking to increase performance, rehabilitation, or to prevent future injuries. These can be stretches for flexibility, strengthening exercises for rehabilitation, orthotics therapy to correct issues in your feet, or low-dye taping for heel pain.

Our podiatrists will be able to tell what you need through specific tests conducted during your consultation, or through the advanced 3D Gait Analysis. Our Sports Podiatry Services include:


Sports Injuries and Conditions

Why 3D Gait Analysis?

Your gait is an essential part of understanding what injuries you have now, or what injuries may crop up in future across your lower limbs.

Sports podiatry specialists will utilise advanced technology to analyse your gait, connecting your body to different sensors, placing you on the treadmill, and recording the results. By spotting these imbalances or misalignments, our sports podiatrist can provide you with advice or treatment that assists in the healing and recovery process, prevents injuries from arising, or enhances performance.

Vitally for athletes, marginal gains can be determined through our detailed biomechanical 3D Gait Analysis that provide the essential information for incremental improvements. You will be shown footage of your own movements to point out what imbalances occur during your running or walking.

Further treatment will be recommended, whether it consists of stretches, orthotic therapy, or new footwear recommendations.

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Tailored Podiatry Solutions for Athletes

Following either gait analysis or alternative assessment techniques, our podiatrists can provide you with exercises catered to your specific needs. Just as they can help you with tailoring custom made orthotics for your shoes, our podiatrist for athletic performance can give you easy exercises to build ankle or foot strength, depending on your specific weaknesses.

Exercises from your podiatrist can be both preventative or rehabilitative. Like with any other injury, prevention is always better than healing. A visit to The Foot Practice for sports podiatry in Singapore can go a long way in keeping you on your feet and actively training.


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How Low-Dye Taping Can Help with Pain

Another technique to benefit and prevent recurrent injuries is low-dye taping, which consists of literally applying tape across the foot to re-adjust pressure and support the arch of the foot. Low-dye taping is terrific for short-term management of heel pain by rebalancing the foot’s pressure when supporting the body’s weight. When coupled with a customised orthotic treatment, low dye taping can help adjust for short-term pain while the orthotics slowly adjusts your lower body alignment.


Orthotic Assessment for Your Feet

Custom orthotic insoles are prescribed shoe inserts that can correct for imbalances with your feet. With an orthotic assessment, our sports podiatrist can determine if your feet are aptly accommodating to the pressures associated with walking, running, cycling, or any other form of athletic activity. Following this assessment, we can design a custom-made orthotic to help improve your sports performance by adjusting your biomechanics.

Why Cycle with Orthotics?

The Foot Practice sports podiatrist for cycling can both enhance cycling performance and help prevent injuries. Even if we tend not to think of cycling as having a high impact on the foot, cycling can increase peak forces that may attribute to foot pain. While orthotics for running can adjust for the pressure of each step, cycling orthotics can help adjust the continual exertion of feet on the pedal by spreading the pressure across the foot to reduce the peak forces applied to the sole minimizing incidence of injury.


If you are recovering from an injury, looking to prevent future injuries, or simply want to see how you can improve your performance, make an appointment with The Foot Practice today with our specialist podiatrist for sports.


Treatments & Services

At The Foot Practice, our revolutionary 3D Gait Analysis method breaks down biomechanical movements in detail to pinpoint, prevent and reduce injuries at the root cause and data-driven details to enhance sports performance.

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The Foot Practice partners with Footworks podiatric laboratory, the best custom orthotics manufacturer in Australian of high-quality custom orthotics, pre-cast orthotics and state-of-the-art cycling orthotics. We provide custom insoles for a wide range of conditions from sports to children, women and diabetic foot conditions.

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Foot Mobilisation Therapy is the manual manipulation of your feet and lower legs to assist with musculoskeletal conditions t0 alleviate stiffness in the joints and increases foot mobility. Foot mobilisation restore asymmetrical foot patterns to their ideal position to adjust the entire body naturally.

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Whether you’re looking for running shoe assessment or footwear advice for a foot problems, our podiatrist can evaluate your footwear for correct fit as well as function.

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Shockwave therapy for your foot is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment and will not require the same recovery time associated with surgery. Nor will the treatment put you out of commission.

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