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Medical Pedicures

Discover a new standard of foot care with our clinical-grade medical pedicures in Singapore. Move beyond traditional aesthetic-focused pedicures and embrace a comprehensive approach to foot health. Our medical pedicures are conducted by licensed podiatrists who apply their specialised knowledge to enhance your overall foot well-being. Whether addressing specific foot conditions or enhancing general foot health, our medical pedicures provide an exceptional opportunity for indulgence and essential care for your feet.

What Is the Difference Between a Medical Pedicure and A Normal Pedicure

A medical pedicure combines aesthetics and medicine to provide a holistic approach to foot care. Also known as a podiatry or clinical pedicure is a detailed care of the feet performed by a trained healthcare professional, such as a podiatrist.  Most people could benefit from a medical pedicure, including those who have a mind for wellness and want a high, personalised, professional level of care.

A medical pedicure is a detailed care of the feet performed by a trained healthcare professional, such as a podiatrist. It combines aesthetics and medical attention to provide a holistic approach to foot care. It involves an examination of the feet, including a basic neurovascular and musculoskeletal evaluation. It focuses on making the feet feel better, addressing foot health concerns such as corns, calluses, thickened toenails, and ingrown ones. 

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Medical pedicures use surgical scalpels for painless, precise excision of corns and calluses and electric filing and sanding to remove thick, hardened skin on the heels or weight-bearing areas of the feet. Performed in a private clinical setting, the aseptic technique is paramount for a medical pedicure.

A regular pedicure is performed by a nail technician or beauty therapist and is focused on aesthetics, such as the shaping and painting of the toenails. Corns and calluses are simply shaved or filed in a regular pedicure, and the instruments used may not be medical grade or sterilised to the same extent as in a medical pedicure. 

What Should I Expect from a Medical Pedicure

A medical pedicure is often more beneficial than a regular pedicure for most people, offering specialised foot care that addresses and treats underlying foot health issues. 

During a medical pedicure, the first step is a podiatrist’s examination of the feet. The skin, nails, and overall foot structure are examined for problems or possible issues. This evaluation sets the stage for a personalised treatment plan tailored for the individual patient. The next step is disinfecting the skin and then softening it through steam gently applied to the feet or by using moist, warm towels in the case of dry pedicures.

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Trimming and shaping the nails is a key part of a medical pedicure. Attention is paid to the proper cutting technique to prevent ingrown toenails and nicks to the skin and cuticle. Thick nails are trimmed down as much as possible, and the length of the nails is cut as well. Calluses and corns are common foot issues and can be carefully removed during a medical pedicure. This relieves pain and prevents further complications like an ulcer in a diabetic or someone with poor blood flow.

Hygiene protocols are typically much stricter during a medical pedicure than a regular pedicure. Disposable tools ensure that no diseases will be passed from person to person.

Seniors, in particular, can benefit from a medical pedicure, as they may experience certain foot changes with age, such as fat loss to the bottom of the foot, new corns, calluses, and other issues.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Medical Pedicure from a Podiatrist

A medical pedicure from a podiatrist offers several benefits for the health of your feet. The podiatrist will provide an up-close look at your feet, taking a complete medical history and thoroughly examining your feet to diagnose unknown issues or conditions that may worsen.

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During a medical pedicure, your podiatrist will perform a complete foot, nail, and skin analysis, including advice on how to maintain your feet between appointments. A scalpel removes hard skin and corns efficiently, and your nails are shaped and rehydrated. A foot cream will also be massaged into your skin to aid skin cell regeneration and dermal hydration, keeping your feet supple and improving your feet’s skin texture.

A medical pedicure relieves pain for people with foot problems such as corns, calluses, or ingrown toenails. It will also improve your foot health by preventing and treating common foot problems such as diabetes-related foot complications, blisters, cracked heels, athlete’s foot, and discoloured or cracked toenails. A medical pedicure for nail fungus combines specialised foot care with targeted treatments to restore the health and appearance of your nails.  

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A medical pedicure from a licensed podiatrist can significantly enhance and supplement your overall foot care routine, providing a blend of foot care and nail care with the added benefits of chiropody. It can serve as both a treatment and a preventative method for common foot problems, reduce the risk of infections, relieve pain, provide an up-close look at your feet, and offer a relaxing experience that leaves your feet soft, smooth and revitalised.

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