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Verruca Plantar Warts

Plantar warts, also known as verruca, is caused by the human papillomavirus. Plantar warts are caused when the virus gets into your body through small cuts or cracks in your feet. These small growths are usually found on your heels and other weight bearing spots on your feet. This causes them to grow inwards, usually under a thick layer called a callous.

Plantar warts are often confused with calluses and corns. Calluses and corns form when your feet accumulate dead skin layers to protect against irritation. Plantar warts can be caused by viral infections and are usually characterized by a rougher surface and a defined boundary.

verrucas plantar warts

If they form on your tops of your toes and feet, they are usually raised and flesh-like appearance. However, warts that form on the bottom of your feet are usually hardened and flat because they have to grow inward. Other indications of a verruca include:

  • Grayish or brownish appearance
  • Center with one or several tiny, black points
  • Callous over a defined “spot”.
  • Pain during weight-bearing activities 

Sometimes the warts may join together in clusters. Most plantar warts resolve themselves over time and are not cause for concern.

An appointment with our podiatrists that treat skin and nail care conditions may be necessary if you experience symptoms, such as bleeding or change in appearance, recurring or multiple warts, or if you have diabetes. Pinpoint bleeding may also occur when the skin is removed from the top of the lesion.

The Foot Practice has an effective plantar warts and verrucas treatments for persistent conditions, which is suitable for children as well. Plantar warts are often more responsive to treatment when they are caught early. Our specialised podiatrist can quickly diagnose a plantar wart by looking at the appearance of the lesion and whether you experience pain with pressure.

If you think you are suffering from plantar warts, make an appointment today to discuss available treatment options.

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